Anti Aging Skin Care - Top 3 Products To Use In Your 30s

Anti Aging Skin Care 30sThey say that 30 is the new 20. Well, when it comes to your lifestyle, that much may be true. Unfortunately, when you say hello to the BIG 3-0, you are saying goodbye to those skin care free days. If you haven’t started with some anti aging skin care routine by now, you better act fast and get one. When it comes to your skin, this may just very well be the worst ten years. Why, you ask? Simply put, you can think of 30 as the debut of all age related skin problems- This is when sunspots begin to appear, crow’s feet come out, and by God, don’t even let me get started on wrinkles and lines (Yikes!). To make things worse, all of these unflattering concerns seem to come out of nowhere. DON'T PANIC!!!- there is a way to slow down the whole cruel process and prevent any further damage. Of course, there is no such thing as a super anti aging pill that will magically turn back the clock, but there is some great stuff that you can use to your advantage in the battle against time. So here they are ladies, the top 3 anti aging products to use in your 30s. (Of course, in addition to what you started or SHOULD HAVE STARTED in your 20s- Moisturizer, Exfoliant, and of course, SUN SCREEN)

Retinol Cream

Yessiree, it’s time to bring out the big guns (to avoid bigger problems in the future). A retinol cream is highly recommended. You can actually go to a pro and get a prescription for your specific skin type, but if you don’t have any major problems, you can always get it over the counter too. Basically, retinol cream will be pretty much be your night cream. After you wash your face (remember to pat dry!) put some on one finger, (pea size should do the trick) then spread evenly on face. Wait 20 minutes then follow up with your regular moisturizer.
Being a derivative from Vitamin A, retinol cream is designed to up your collagen levels, which means it can prevent sagging and reduce lines, and it also increases your skin’s water content, which means that it will lock in more moisture. It also boosts up cell turnover, evens out your skin tone, unclogs pores, and makes your skin soft and smooth.

Eye Cream

Putting on eye cream will be another part of your night time routine. Put it on after retinol, but before your moisturizer. You want to get your hands on an eye cream that has these basic ingredients: Retinoic acid, AHA (alpha hydroxy acids), copper peptides, coenzyme Q10, kinetin.- Green tea is supposed to be a big plus! You can also look for some that have a lot of moisturizers- this will definitely help smoothen out those nasty fine lines.
  • TIP: When applying eye cream, you actually want to “go with the flow” and use long strokes following the natural direction of your lines and wrinkles. SO this would be going up towards your temples.  For more “stubborn” areas, you want to pat on the eye cream with your finger to make sure that every little bit of it is absorbed.


Now, serums are not an absolute necessity, however, they are absolutely recommended. They may be a bit pricey- but because a good facial serum is jam packed with all of the good stuff, it is well worth every cent. You should specifically look for these ingredients: Vitamin C and Ferulic acid. Basically, what a serum does is that it greatly boosts the effects of your moisturizer by penetrating all the way deep into the three layers of the skin. Since you already have a concept about just what moisturizers do for you- imagine that but by the tenfold. Your skin will be soft and supple, it will smoothen out lines, plus you will even get a radiant glow.
  • TIP: You want to apply your serum before you put on your moisturizer.

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