Anti Aging Skin Care- Top 3 Products To Use In Your 20s

anti aging skin careWhen it comes to the natural way your skin ages, you don’t have much to worry about in your 20s because although the dreaded process supposedly starts here, you won’t really notice any major changes. However, throw in your hectic schedule and that’s another story. Your lifestyle can be a reason for concern- sun seekers, people who pull all nighters (doesn’t matter if you’re working or having a good time), smokers, those who go on yo-yo diets, etc. After all, what twenty year old does not work hard and party even harder? So although you might not really see it, your skin has began to age. And as the aging process starts, so should anti aging skin care too. After all, prevention is better than “cure”, right? So here are the top 3 products to use in your 20s.


This is probably the number one product that should be part of your anti aging regime- SUNSCREEN. You should know that this baby is not only for when you hit the beach. Even when you just have to run some errands down town, even when it is a gloomy day, you should wear sunscreen. But with so many products to choose from, things can get a tad bit confusing. So to save you some time from going through bottles and bottles and tubes and tubes of this stuff, remember that the number one thing you have to look out for is it has an SPF level of 15 or higher.


[caption id="attachment_87" align="alignright" width="300"] "choose a moisturizer that doubles as sunscreen."[/caption] Dry skin leads to wrinkles. Although your skin naturally hydrates itself in your 20s, the best way to combat fine lines at such an early age is to work from both inside and out. For the day time, you can actually choose a  moisturizer that doubles as sunscreen- hitting two birds with one stone. But your anti aging care does not have to stop when the sun goes down. Actually, studies have shown that the best time to put on products is right before you sleep because the cellular turnover is up to 8 times faster allowing creams, serums, and what have you to sink in much deeper. It is a good idea to try out products that have alpha-hydroxy acids, AHAs, or beta-hydroxy acids BHAs. Basically, these help bind moisture while upping the production of collagen at the same time. The result? Smoother, wrinkle free, skin.


You want to end each day with a 60 minute exfoliating wash. Not only does this remove any dirt and grime you may have on your face, but it actually gets rid of all of the dead skin cells too. Basically, exfoliation is key to anti aging because by getting rid of the dead skin cells, you are actually promoting new ones to grow giving you that young, healthy glow. There are tons of ways to exfoliate, but at this early stage, all you will really need is a good exfoliating scrub.  

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