Anti Aging Hand Care: Handy Tips To Keep Them Young

When it comes to anti aging care, your face is pretty much the first thing covered- literally and figuratively. More often than not, people forget to take extra care of their hands , when in reality, those are the ones that really need help. Think about it, you constantly use your hands, they are usually exposed to the sun and all of it’s harmful rays, plus if you haven’t noticed, the skin on your hands is way thinner than other parts of your body. All of these make them an age easy target. How can you possibly turn back the HANDS of time, when they can be a dead ringer for your real age? So here are some HANDy tips to keep them young.

Anti Aging Hand Care1. WEAR SUNSCREEN

I scream for SUNSCREEN- and you should too. I cannot emphasize enough just how important it is to keep your skin UVA protected. Your hands are probably the most exposed parts of your entire body. After all, even your face gets shade from a hat every now and then, but how often do you put on gloves, especially when the blazing sun is out and about? So every time you step out of the house, make it a habit to slab some on them too. SPF 30 is highly recommended, but even just ones in the 20 range should do just fine.


A good face cream is probably already part of your beauty routine(if you don’t have one, GET one ASAP!- seriously.), so why should your hands lack out? To keep your hands soft and smooth, you should also give apply hand cream religiously. Actually, it would be ideal to put it on after every time you wash and get your hands wet, but rubbing some on the backs of your hands once a day will already do wonders. Before you grab the first one off the shelf, make reading a habit and check just what the product has to offer. So here is a little check list to help you out.
What's In A Good Cream?
  • Moisturizer- Hyaluronic Acid, Urea
  • Emollients of silicon, glycerin
  • Antioxidants
  • Cosmecutical peptides
  • Lightening (this is for age spots)- Licorice Root, Kojic Acid, Hydroquinone

Anti Aging Hand Care3. EXFOLIATE

To help get rid of those dead skin cells, you want to exfoliate at least twice a week. Remember that the generation of new ones isn’t as fast as it was when you were young-ER. From birth up to your teen years, they use to slough off rather quickly. But once you hit your 20s, it gets slower- and it doesn’t stop. The older you get, the more time is needed for them to turn over. That’s where a good scrub can come to the rescue. You should exfoliate the backs of your hands to help bring out that youthful, radiant glow.  
  •  Basically, except for makeup, whatever you put on your face, you can actually use on your hands.  So you don't really need to buy a whole different line of products--just save little from your "face" tubes, and save a lot from your wallet, win win!    

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