Anti Aging Hair Care: There’s More To It Than Just Keeping It There

Anti Aging Hair CareThey say that hair is the crowning glory- so you better keep it shiny. After all, even a tiara needs a good polish as the years go by. There is much more to anti aging hair care than just keeping it there. Your hair gets older just as you do. So you may not have the luscious locks that you used to back in your 20s. Hair gets thinner, the texture changes, it becomes more fragile and brittle, and unfortunately, at some point it may even start to fall off, usually at the crown (how ironic is that?).

How Hair Ages
  • In Your 20s: Hair is at it’s peak! It is the thickestshiniest, and strongest it will ever be.
  • In Your 30s: This is when any damage, from changing the color of your hair or every time you picked up your blower, begins to show.
  • In Your 40s: This is the time when hair becomes noticeably thinner and breaks much easier- split ends will definitely be much more common. Although it differs from person to person, this is the general age when hair will start to gray.
  • In Your 50s: If you thought your hair was thin in your 40s, it gets worse in your 50s. The same goes for the color. Gray strands? Think half of your hair. Unless you are the exception, most women are 50% gray by the time they hit 50.
  • In Your 60s: Gray hair is actually nothing compared to no hair. Not that you will be entirely bald (unless you decide to shave it all off), but this is the time when women begin to experience hair loss. Some much more than others, again, it is a case to case basis. But that much is true for about 40% of women.

But don’t freak out just yet. No, you do not need to run to the store and grab yourself a wig. What you do need, though, is just the right anti aging hair care line.

Age Defying Shampoo And Conditioner

No matter how much you LOVE your current shampoo, if it isn’t age defying, then it isn’t what you should be using. (well, at least not every day.) To keep you hair young, you need to find products that will help bring back its strength. So look you want to check the label for Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin B3 and B6, and other antioxidants. You also want to look for a highly charged cationic polymer- which in English means a shampoo and conditioner that is easy to rinse off without that leaves you hair soft silky and shiny without leaving any of it behind. This will definitely help make your hair look and feel like it was in your 20s.
  • A great tip when shampooing is to focus on the scalp.  After all, the roots is pretty much where all of the dirt and grime gets stored away.  So massage it on and make a nice lather.  The rich overflow should be enough to clean the rest of your hair.  Remember that excessive shampoo gets rid of the hair's natural oils that make it shiny.

Hair Mask

If your put masks on your face, why not on your hair? Hair masks are a great way to not only protect your hair but to treat it too. Kinda like a leave on super conditioner, hair masks are just what your dry, dyed, and damaged hair needs. A good hair mask will not only nourish and hydrate your locks, but your scalp as well. Use it a couple of times a week and let the healing begin.
How To Use A Hair Mask
  • Shampoo hair (say no to conditioner if you are planning to use a mask) and rinse off.
  • Squeeze out excess water- You want to have damp hair, not dry.
  • Apply mask generously, from scalp to tip- but you can concentrate on “problem” areas.
  • Take a towel (a warm one definitely boosts it’s benefits) then wrap up your hair.
  • Leave for about 5 minutes, however some masks might take longer. Just make sure to read the instructions.
  • Rinse off with warm water.
  • Finish off with a cold splash. 

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