Anti Aging Care For Men: Top 3 Products For An Aspiring Bottle Of Chardonnay

Men age like fine wine, or so they say. But a receding hairline, graying of the temples, sagging skin, and a jowly face don’t really fit the list. If you want to age gracefully, you will have to work for it. After all, when wine sits too long, you may just end up with a bottle of vinegar. Men should not be ashamed of taking care of their skin as they get older, after all, it’s the wrinkles and what not that they really have to be worried about. So here are 3 anti aging skin products that every aspiring bottle of Chardonnay should have.

Anti Aging Care For Men1. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is not only reserved for those hot days on the beach. It should actually be part of your daily routine of sorts, because even when the sun isn’t shining oh so brightly, those darn UV rays will still be at work. So you basically want to protect yourself from the damage that they bring. Now, putting on sunscreen won’t exactly make any of those fine lines disappear nor will it stop your skin from sagging, it will, however, prevent any more harm from being done- after all, that is much better than cure.  And let’s not forget the skin cancer factor. What To Look For: Basically, you want to look for sunscreen that has an SPF of about 30, especially for fairer men. But if you won’t really be spending all that much time outdoors, then an SPF of 20 should suffice. How To Use It: Don’t be afraid to slather yourself in this stuff. Every morning, right before you leave the house, go ahead and rub it on your face, your arms, and basically any other exposed part of your body. Now, to know just when you need to put more sunscreen on, check out this little computation: Minutes to burn without sunscreen x SPF number = maximum sun exposure time So if you normally burn after, let's saty, 10 minutes of basking under the sun and you apply sunscreen with an SPF of 30, then you have a good 300 worry free minutes before you need a sunscreen retouch.
Shades don't just make you look cool.  Find ones with UV protection and keep your eyes safe from the harmful rays as well.

2. Exfoliant

Okay, most men just wash with good old soap and water. Nothing wrong with that, but when it comes to anti aging skin care, you better add an exfoliant to the mix. You see, exfoliants basically get rid of dead skin cells ad even work to unclog pores. This, of course, will lead to better, clearer, brighter, younger looking skin. Plus, exfoliation is especially great for men as it exposes hair follicles which pretty much mean a good, clean shave. What To Look For: Try to get an exfoliant that has fine grains or granules. You don’t want anything too harsh, so these are just right- they will do the job, and do it gently. Also, look for products that have natural exfoliating agents, such as sea salt, pumice, or even fruit seeds. Exfoliants that have alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA), is also a big plus. How To Use It: You can use your bare hands and just massage it on, but to have better effects, a scrub would definitely be much better. For your face, just a pea sized drop should be enough. Use lukewarm water and massage it on. Let it sit for about a minute before you rinse off. Now, the thing with exfoliation is that you do not, and should not, do it every day. That will leave you with dry skin. So 2-3 times a week should be enough.

3. Moisturizer

Okay, to be honest, you don’t really need to moisturize, but if you want your skin to look and feel it’s best, then you probably should. You see, the older the skin is, the drier it gets. Moisturizers are designed to combat that and hydrate it all over again. Plus, it also helps keep your skin nice and supple too. What To Look For: You want to look for a moisturizer that is loaded with antioxidants. So basically, check the label for Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. Resveratrol is another active ingredient that you should be on the look out for. How To Use It: Making moisturizing part of your every day anti aging regimen is pretty simple. Put some on when you wake up and then right before you go to bed. Every day, twice a day.  

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