Anti Aging Benefits Of Green Tea

Anti Aging Benefits Of Green Tea What started out as a staple in china has grown in popularity the world over- and it’s not because of it’s taste, but because of the benefits of green tea.  “Going green” is great not only for your health but for your appearance too. Here are the top anti aging benefits- read on and sip away the years. Green tea is a great source of catechins and polyphenols- two very powerful antioxidants.   And, as you know (and if you don’t, you will) antioxidants and anti aging go hand in hand.  Heck, they are practically synonyms. You see, unwanted toxins that enter your body (from smoking, UV rays, surrounding factors, and other lifestyle choices)create unwanted free radicals.  Free radicals do all sorts of damage to your body- cell decomposition which pretty much speeds up the whole aging process as well as other diseases related to age.
  • Anti Aging
  • Anti Heart Disease
  • Anti Cancer
  • Anti Arthritis
  • Anti Parkinson’s
  • Anti Alzheimer’s .
benefits of green tea Antioxidants, in a nut shell, fight off these free radicals thus helping you look young and feel young too. It is great for the skin.  It helps keep those darn wrinkles away while retaining that vibrant, youthful glow.
  • Anti Wrinkles
  • Anti Dullness
What is really great about green tea is that it takes a couple of years off your face just as it adds more to your lifespan. Aside from the antioxidants, green tea also contains amino acids called L-theanine.  L-theanine can help you relax and relive stress and anxiety- and stress, of course, is just another factor that speeds up your clock.  Ever wonder why they serve green tea at spas?  Well, now you know.
  • Anti Stress
  • Anti Anxiety
benefits of green teaGreen tea is also great for when you are trying to lose a couple of unwanted pounds.  You see, not only does it burn fat, but it even gives your metabolism a good boost.  The best part?  It is done naturally. Can you imagine that drinking green tea can help you burn up to 70 calories in a single day?  Of course, tied together with exercise too.  But if you stick to the program, the green tea alone can help add, minus actually, up to 7 pounds in a year. Plus, because green tea actually helps stop the movement of glucose in your fat cells, it can also prevent you from gaining back weight that you already lost- or even just gaining any more pounds to begin with.  Heck, with green tea as a part of your healthy diet, it is practically impossible to become obese.  It also helps control your blood sugar levels as well as your metabolism rate too.
  • Weight Loss
  • Weight Control
  • Anti Obesity
  • Anti Diabetes

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