A Little LEG Work Goes A Long Way: Three Exercise Tips To Get You Younger Looking Legs

Younger Looking Legs

When it comes to staying young,and looking young, legs are especially important for women.  So here are three great exercises that are sure to keep your legs in tip top shape.

A little leg work goes a long way.


Lunges are great!  Relatively simple, lunges actually work out not just one part but the entire leg (not to mention that it will leave you with quite a sexy be-hind too!).  Plus you don’t need any special equipment whatsoever.  But you can opt to use free weights if you like if you really want to focus on muscle strength.  Otherwise, your very own body weight should be enough.


You start with your feet about hip distance apart.  Your hands should be on your sides, placed on your hips.  Then take a deep step forward.  Remember to keep your back straight.  You want to bend your front knee up until your thigh is perpendicular to the floor.  Of course, the knee behind will sort of swoop down until it nearly touches (but does not) touch the floor.  Using the front foot, you want to bring your body back to your initial standing position.   Switch legs and repeat.

Professional trainers say that you should do one set for each leg, with 12 reps each.  Now, what makes lunges even better is not that you only need 12 reps per set, but actually that you should only do lunges, at the most, every other day.  You need to give your body a day of rest in between.


Leg lifts are the perfect way to tone your legs, as they focus more on the thighs than on the calves, and even slim down your waist too.  Leg lifts even work out your lower abs.  Plus, you are actually lying down (well sort of) while doing them (at least for most).  But don’t get too excited.  IF you have done leg lifts before, you should know that just because you are not standing, it does not mean that it won’t take a lot of work.


There are actually so many different kinds of leg lifts, bt here is definitely one of the simples, yet most effective there is. First, you should lie down on your side on a flat surface.  You can use the arm on the side you are lying on down to either a. as a pillow and rest your head on or b. to actually hold your head up by  placing your elbow on the floor while your hand supports your head, kind like leaning on a table. Then simply lift your leg (6-12 inches high) and hold for about 3-5 seconds. You want to lower your leg slowly and not just drop it down. Repeat for one set then turn around and do the other leg.

Leg lifts are a little different from lunges.  You don’t really need to rest an entire day before you do another set.  One set should have 12 reps for each leg.  You can have 1-3 sets. You can do leg lifts about 4-5 days a week.


Step up exercises really do wonders.  This type of exercise actually has all the parts of your legs working all at the same time- from toe to thigh and everything in between.  Plus, it will also work out your waist as well as your butt too.


When it comes to step up exercises, you can head on down to the gym and find any equipment that is a stepper. But if you don’t have the time, or the cash, you don’t really need any fancy machines. You can find the best stepper practically anywhere.  After all, how many sets of stairs do you encounter on a daily basis? So it really is simple, ditch the elevator or escalator and take the stairs instead.

If you are using some gym equipment, you can actually time set a time- a 30 minute workout should suffice.  Other than that, just try to take the stairs as often as possible.  If you plan on doing this on your way to work though ladies, be sure to wear comfy shoes and pack those stilettos in the bag.  

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