6 Weird And Wacky Beauty Tips For Guys And Dolls

[caption id="attachment_3198" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Weird And Wacky Beauty Tips All in the name of beauty...[/caption] Both genders can and should look after their skin and other aspects of their appearance. So whether you are a guy or a doll (I'm getting all 1950's on you ;)) here are some beauty tips to consider. I've called them weird and wacky but that just depends on your perspective. After all, in the 18th Century, people used to put white lead on their face to produce a porcelain like complexion. It was the height of fashion then but we'd consider it weird, wacky and highly dangerous today. So, here you go...6 tips that you might want to consider adding to your beauty regimen.

1. Become a Vegetarian

Many people know that herbal medicines and supplements can benefit the body and prevent illness. But why get a supplement when you can go directly to the source. Vegetables and fruits are bountiful in different nutrients – minerals and vitamins. Many of these nutrients have antioxidant qualities that are good for the body as a whole and the skin in particular. Eating more vegetables and fruits can help keep the age spots and wrinkles at bay. And even if you can't go all the way and become a vegetarian, try to get more vegetables and fruits into your diet. Ease into it slowly. Have a meat free day. Look for meat alternatives. Find satisfying vegetarian recipes that could substitute for meat ones. Push the boat out and go meat free for 2 days. And so on...until eating or not eating meat isn't a big deal.

2. Wash Hair Alternately

The hair is a person’s crowning glory; thus, it can help make a person look better or worse. Taking care of the hair is one of the six beauty tips for women.One fact that not every person knows about is that when hair is washed every day, it tends to become oily, causing a bad hair day.

[caption id="attachment_3200" align="alignright" width="300"]Peppers to fight pimples Jalapeno juice mixed with water is one of the best facial cleaners that can fight off acne.[/caption]

Women who want to have healthy and shiny hair must wash the hair every other day. If women do not feel comfortable if hair is not washed, try not applying conditioner every day.

3. Avoid Acne with Peppers

When people look at you, the first thing that they see is your face. In a way, it's what makes you who you are. So it's not surprising that most beauty tips focus on looking after the face. One thing that nobody wants is pimples and acne breakouts. However if that's you, then red hot chili peppers may be able to help you. Not the band...the real pepper...specifically the Jalapeno. Jalapeno juice mixed with water is one of the best facial cleaners that can fight off acne. Jalapenos are made up from a substance called capsaicin that is great in removing pimples and preventing acne breakouts.

4. Have Happy Feet

It is true that the feet are the most forgotten part of the body. However, having clean feet is important, too. Many men confessed that aside from the face, they are attracted to women who have nice, clean feet. Women feel the same way about men...keeping your toenails trim is a good habit to get into. After wearing shoes or having sweaty feet, put some alcohol or sanitizer to your feet to prevent the growth of bacteria. Imagine wearing the most expensive and most glamorous sandals with unsightly feet; it really isn’t going to look good.
[caption id="attachment_3201" align="alignleft" width="300"]Exfoliate Sugar makes one SWEET scrub...[/caption]

5. Exfoliate with Sugar

Exfoliating is one beauty secret that everyone knows about, but what you use to scrub away the old and release glowing, new skin can vary. A simple exfoliating material is plain old sugar – refined or otherwise. Every time you are about to take a shower, take a bowl of sugar with you. You might get some strange looks but I kid you not. After applying soap to the face and other parts of the body, do not rinse; instead scrub some sugar into the lather and gently massage the skin. Sugar can help the skin become smoother, thus it is best for the face, elbows and knees. At first, the sugar may be a bit harsh but after a few seconds, it is going to feel so amazing.

6. Pore on the Ice

Ice is great in drinks on a hot summer day but it can also be used to help your skin look more beautiful. We are talking about pores here....no one want cavernous pores, especially on the face. Grab an ice cube and soothe it around the area where you want to reduce the pore size. This should have almost instant results as it will help to close the pores.
So there you go, 6 beauty tips that you may find useful. Some are very simple....some may be a bit too much for you but all can help your skin look heaps better.

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