4 Healthy Benefits Of Kissing

Benefits Of Kissing

Aside from just being a sign of love and affection, did you know that kissing actually has a couple of healthy benefits too?  So pucker up butter cup, and let the smooching session begin.

698115_red_lipsA Younger  You

Believe it or not, kissing actually helps keep your face young.  Have you ever noticed how couples seem to have this glow around them?  Well, it isn’t just love, but actually youth too.  You see, a make out session is pretty much like a facial workout.
 “kissing can give you a facelift. We use over 30 facial muscles while kissing, which helps to keep muscles smooth and tight and prevents your cheeks from sagging.” Dr. Ava Cadell, sex therapist/author

265731_lipstick_kissA Thinner You

That’s right, kissing actually burns calories too.  It helps speed up your metabolism, hence helping you lose those unwanted pounds.  You know how people always say that their heart starts racing just as they are about to kiss?  Well, it isn’t just a romantic set of words, but it is actually true.  Your heart really does start beating faster.  This then sends adrenalin to your blood, which then helps burn more calories. Now, I’m not saying that you should trade in your gym session for a make out session.  There is absolutely no substitute for regular physical exercise.  However, studies have actually shown that passionate kissing can burn anywhere from 2-5 calories a minute.  So can you imagine just how many you can lose in an hour? * Check out these home made lip balm recipes that are lip smackin good!

933655_kessesA Healthier You

As long as your partner isn’t coming down with a cold, you can go ahead, pucker up, and give your immune system a healthy boost.  How so?  Well, you know how when you get a vaccine, the doctors actually give you a small dosage of the disease it is supposed to keep you safe from? Kissing holds the same concept.  You swap each other’s spit, you share each other’s germs. Again, just make sure that whoever you’re lip locking with doesn’t have any sickness or contagious disease.

762229_kiss_3A Happier You

As long as you are kissing someone you like, if not love that is, then you are sure to have a smile on your face once the smooching is through.  There is a much better explanation to it than just feeling giddy inside or having butterflies in your stomach. Scientifically, the act of kissing actually releases a little something called oxytocin.  You can think of this as your body’s natural Prozac.  So yes, it is an anti depressant.  But much more than just making you feel warm and fuzzy inside, it will also help you de stress, relax, and even lower cholesterol levels. So you have a happy mindset as well as a happy heart too. * Make sure your keep your are lips soft and smooth with these exfoliating tips.

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