Behind The Blue Depp Diet, How Johnny Depp (supposedly) Does it

Johnny Depp Just as his roles never get old, his movies certainly timeless, at 50, Johnny Depp is definitely doing it right. Fine wine? This man is a bottle of the Chateau d'Yquem 1787, a far cry from your mother’s Chardonnay, let me tell you that. But before we get into his “celebrity secret”, a quick backstory. Avid readers are probably wondering why the hell I’m featuring a dude given that most of you are women who want to learn some juicy beauty tips to try out yourselves, and no matter how drop dead gorgeous Johnny Depp is (we can all agree on that), we can also agree that generally men and women have different “needs” when it comes to beauty regimens. Anyway, Johnny is my first. Though I like the way that sounds :) what I mean is that I have never blogged about the so called beauty tips of a man before.  So what made me do it?  As I was getting my own celebrity gossip fill, I found out that Johnny had just turned 50, one article lead to another until I decided to come up with this one. Now this secret that we are about to unravel is not only for your boyfriend, or your husband, or any male specie that you are somehow connected to, but yes, the Depp Diet does apply to you (as to any male specie that you are connected to, so go ahead and spread the love.)

Johnny DeppThe “Depp Diet”

Out of all the diets I have ever heard of, tried, and tested, this so called “Depp Diet” may actually be one of my favorites simply because it is by far the easier. No will power needed whatsoever. Of course Johnny Depp generally has a healthy diet rich in proteins and full of fresh fruit, recently word is getting around that he has even gone vegan, the success is rumored to be BEHIND THE BLUES.


(Emphasize on BELIEVE IT OR NOT)

Have you ever noticed how his eyeglasses always seem to have a tint of blue?  Well, apparently it’s not just some random fashion statement. The blue tint increases the serotonin levels in your brain. Serotonin levels have been proved to have various effects on mood, sleep, and yes, APPETITE… This blue tinge suppresses his appetite by increasing the serotonin levels in his brain and inhibiting the desire to binge.      

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